01 to 07 July 2008

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Enter As we approach the new week the surrounding bush remains dry & visibility is good so as a result in general game sightings have improved over the last few days

A kilometer from the lodge we currently have a known hyena den with a very relaxed four month old cub and we often stop by for a look. Whenever we arrive the cub is lying at the entrance of the den with the adults nowhere in sight. On one occasion this week when we arrived at the den we spotted 6 of them about 300 meters away; all running towards the waterhole where two of them were already sniffing & howling around a bush.

A large male baboon was sitting in a tree but was so spooked by the hyena that he tried to hide by jumping onto a fallen tree. Unfortunately the hyena did not miss this opportunity and attacked the baboon. We noticed that the baboon had a broken jaw. The hyenas swarmed over the baboon biting at it and causing severe blood loss. The large baboon tried to defend himself but this was truly a losing battle as the dominant female hyena grabbed it by the throat and suffocated it slowly. The hyenas then fed on the baboon and fought with each other to rip pieces off the carcass before the dominant female dragged it off to the den & her cub.

Leopard sightings have been plentiful this week and we were fortunate enough to find the female leopard, Nyeleti & her 4 month old cubs in one of the denser areas on the reserve. As the cubs are now getting used to the vehicles they are also getting a lot easier to view. We found her again the next day, drinking at the dam early in the morning as the bush was just waking up and a full belly proclaimed that she had managed to kill & feed the previous night

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