5 Reasons an African Safari is the Perfect Romantic Getaway

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, people are hard at work trying to find the best possible romantic gesture for loved ones. Sometimes, just a dinner out or some quality time will do – but every now and then a grander gesture is in order and an African Safari is the perfect option!

Below we've listed 5 reasons why a safari makes the perfect romantic getaway:

Quality Time

Being in the bush means no daily routines, very little television and in most cases, very slow Internet due to the remoteness of the lodges. So besides the morning and afternoon game drives, it's just you and your partner.

Use this opportunity to re-connect and remind yourself why you chose to be with this person over anyone else.

Incredible Setting

There is nothing quite as romantic as an African sunset, best enjoyed out in the bush (often on a game drive) with a cold beverage in hand. As the light fades and the nocturnal animals come out, it's hard not to feel connected to the one you're sharing the experience with.

Special Dinners

Normally, safari lodge dinners are outside in a boma or in a dining area, however for those who want something a little more intimate, a quiet word spoken to the lodge manager will have a secluded spot set up, for maximum romance.

Expanding Yourself

If you don't like being outside of your comfort zone, but understand that it's important to venture out there every now and then, then a safari is a great place to venture into.

There may be bugs a-plenty, but seeing wild animals in their natural habitats, learning about the intricate ecosystems that govern wildlife interactions and discovering the local communities who have been living in these wild parts of Africa for centuries, is a wonderfully enriching process.

Unique Experiences

Sharing breath-taking experiences binds us together with shared memories. No two safaris are the same; you never know what animal is going to pop out the bush right next to the road or walk past your room. It's exhilarating seeing a fully-grown male elephant from just a few feet away, or a pride of lions lying about, almost immobile from eating so much. These memories will be unique to your safari, and to you as a couple. Revel in them!

Finding a memorable, unique experience to celebrate Valentine's Day or a special relationship milestone, doesn't need to be complicated. The Thornybush Collection offers the perfect setting, in a breath-taking place to ensure that romance is the order of the day!


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Monday, 17 June 2019