Community Garden Roundup for 2017

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We have been having some seriously fantastic sales these last few months! A big THANK YOU goes to our incredible customers for their continued support and faith in the fresh quality produce that we supply.

What we've been able to grow

What we offer our clients has been quite stable, with varieties such as dill, fennel, garlic chives, marjoram, perennial basil and lemon grass being our top sellers.

Thyme, sage and normal chives struggle a bit. we have curry bush and curry tree, lavender flowers and other herb flower punnets, curly parsley and Italian parsley, as well as mint and spearmint.

Spring onions always do well in our community garden, and we have even planted some red spring onion now too. Leeks and celery recently got taken off the list as the sun is just too hot in the summer months, and our three cabbage varieties are about to be harvested. Patti pans, round tomatoes and three awesome varieties of chillies are doing so well, we can barely keep up!

We grow different varieties of lettuce like lolla blonda and lolla rosa, green and red butter, endive and cos lettuce, as well as red and green oak lettuce. We even make different salad mixes with lettuce, wild rocket, beetroot leaves, New Zealand spinach and wild rocket.

At the moment the spinach, Swiss chard, rainbow spinach and New Zealand spinach are growing strong, as are the butternut and marrows.


When January and February bring temperatures of over 40°C+ for days in a row, many of the species take a serious hit and especially those growing outside of the shade netting areas. They often need to be removed from the list for a while or until the next season.

Luckily for us the quiet season for our customers also coincides with this reduction in production to some degree.

Looking ahead

We have been growing steadily for the past two years, reaching new records with our sales to lodges and other conservation-minded business operations. Sales to our community have also slowly risen, however this is an area that we feel needs a lot more attention going into 2018.

The community garden projects would like to wish everyone a peaceful festive season. We look forward to growing stronger with our customers and community alike. If you'd like to find out what we've been up to on a more regular basis, then join us on our fan page!


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