Glory Mnisi – Service with a song and many smiles

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Glory Mnisi has been charming guests at Simbambili Game Lodge since she started her journey with us in 2002.

A star is born

Glory was born in the small village of Utah, close to Thornybush Collection, with 5 siblings to keep her company. Her exceptional work ethic stood her in good stead during her school years, and her gregarious nature led her straight to our gate in search of a career in the hospitality industry.

She started out in the scullery at Simbambili, and it didn't take us long to recognize her potential. Glory was soon promoted to the laundry and rooms division, where she became head of housekeeping.

Top Performance

Her willingness to go the extra mile, coupled with her infectious outgoing personality, has recently landed her the job of butler at this prestigious lodge. She thrives in this capacity, where she can put her people skills, her dedication and her attention to detail to the best use, making our guests feel truly pampered.

Those who have been fortunate enough to visit Simbambili will recognise Glory as part of the evening entertainment. In this role, she heads up the fireside singing and dancing during boma evenings at the lodge, adding that final touch of authentic African enjoyment to an evening under the stars.

Going Places

It seems the sky is the limit for this 'glorious' ray of sunshine. Her confidence has improved by leaps and bounds since starting at Simbambili and she is always striving to better herself. Glory is busy undertaking further part-time hospitality training, improving her language skills, and learning more about Reception duties in the process.

As a single mother, Glory has inspired her 21 year old son to reach for his dreams too. He is currently studying towards a diploma in Tourism, in order to continue his mother's legacy of service excellence.

Likewise, Glory's zest for life provides constant motivation and inspiration for her fellow team members. The enthusiasm with which she attends to her daily chores and her unfaltering commitment to excellence is truly commendable.

Glory is an invaluable member of the team at Simbambili, and admired by all who cross paths with her. Make a reservation with us and not only will you get to enjoy the thrill of Big Five game viewing and first class service during your South African safari, but you could also enjoy the treat of bumping into this superstar.


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Wednesday, 23 January 2019