Meet Godsave Mnisi - Chef at Serondella Game Lodge

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Godsave Mnisi is at your service when you visit Serondella Game Lodge as part of your booking with the Thornybush Collection.

This talented chef has been spoiling South African safari guests with awesome eats for the last 11 years and is one of the most senior and trusted members of staff at this intimate lodge.

Exclusive Experiences

Serondella has only 4 luxury chalets and can accommodate a maximum of 8 guests at a time, which is one of Godsave's favourite aspect of his job. He loves the family atmosphere among the staff and enjoys the extra attention he is able to give to his meals with so few guests to attend to.

The rest of the staff at Serondella look up to Godsave as a trusted senior member of the team who is always ready to lend a helping hand in other areas of the operation.

Starting Out

Godsave was born in nearby Welverdiend where he still lives with his wife and 6 children. His family mean the world to him and he considers himself fortunate that his son Rudolph works with him at the lodge.

After family, Godsave's church life comes first, followed by his passion for tracking the exploits of 'his' team, Kaiser Chiefs, on the football field.

A Man of the Bush

Godsave's career started out at Satara camp in the neighbouring Kruger National Park. Working as a chef in this busy camp, he quickly learned the skills required to please the palates of safari guests and impress the team at Serondella when he applied for a position there.

Being in a safari atmosphere for so many years, Godsave has developed an abiding love for the bush and all its creatures. He does admit that the cheetah remains his favourite among all the species found at Thornybush Collection though.

Godsave and his cookery skills are always a hit amongst the guests at Serondella and many have tried to lure him away with them when they leave.

For now, visitors will have to be content with scribbling down his recipes when they visit. These he happily shares, but for now his home remains amongst the wild spaces that he loves.

Meet up with Godsave and experience exclusive service at Serondella on a South African safari with Thornybush Collection. Book your place at his table today.


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Monday, 17 June 2019