Moses 'Mfundla' Khoza

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Moses Khoza has been part of the team at Thornybush Collection since January 2013. Read on to find out more about this iconic character, what his special talent is, and why he insists on being called the 'hare'.

Tracker Training

Moses started his bushveld adventures at the Londolozi Tracking Academy in 2001. This highly-regarded training institution specialises in traditional wildlife tracking skills for the modern conservation world.

This Academy teaches students to identify the signs and tracks of mammals, insects, birds and amphibians and how to 'read' these signs and follow them successfully. Other skills that Moses learned include ancient-hunter gatherer techniques such as nest finding and the identification of plants and trees for medicinal purposes.

The course has a strong emphasis on conservation and hospitality and once they have completed it, graduates can choose to study further in the fields of tourism, conservation, guiding or research.

On the hunt for big cats

Moses stuck with tracking, something that he has been excelling at since he started with the Thornybush Collection's Waterside Lodge in 2013.

Guests have learnt that if it's leopard you want, it's leopard you get when Moses is on the trail. His persistence stands him in good stead when stalking these illusive animals. When asked why he loves tracking them so much, his answer is simply," "It's because they are so difficult to find."

This response is typical of Moses' good-natured charm and consummate professionalism, which has won him favour with his colleagues and our guests alike. He does not take all the credit for his talents, attributing his successes to luck, which he believes plays a major part in any tracking endeavour. There is no doubt that his knowledge of leopard behaviour plays an equal role in providing guests with up-close encounters with these cats.

A man called Mfundla

The nickname, 'Mfundla', which he insists on being called, means 'Scrub-hare' in Tsonga. In African folklore, the scrub-hare is known as a cunning trickster. This character is so entrenched in ancient legend that it's believed that tales of the scrub hare travelled with the slaves to America, and are the inspiration behind Brer Rabbit.

Tricks aside, Moses has chosen his animal totem based on the animal's legendary intelligence and cunning. This association is more a comment on the tracker's determination to outwit and root out the animals he seeks, than any arrogance on his part.

You can rest assured that 'luck' is on your side when you go in search of leopards with Mfundla during your stay at Waterside Lodge.


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