The Wonders of a Winter Safari

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Everything has its time in the bush and the winter season is our busiest. While the weather cannot put a damper on the exceptional experiences that we offer at Thornybush Collection, there are several reasons why many of our guests prefer to visit during the winter months.

Moderate Temperatures

With an average midday temperature of 23°C, wintertime is a real treat for guests from the Northern Hemisphere who can find our summer highs a little extreme. The evenings can get chilly with the mercury usually dropping to 7 °C but we've got that covered. Blazing fires, warm blankets and top quality linen ensure you are as proverbially snug as you can be when you spend your winter nights with us.

You will also find that there are no evening songsters in the form of mosquitoes and crickets to disturb your nights and the risk of malaria drops to almost nil. Those who are a little fearful of slithering snakes will be happy to know that our beautiful reptiles also avoid guest appearances during the winter, choosing to hide deep in the bush and wait out the cold.

Clear Skies

It is a rare occasion for raindrops to fall during the Mpumalanga winter and you are guaranteed of glorious clear skies when you visit between June and July. The sun also rises later, so guests are treated to a lie-in before venturing on their sunrise game drive at 6 am. During summer we head out much earlier than that to catch the wildlife first thing.

Nowhere to Hide

No rain means the vegetation goes into hibernation around these parts, which makes it easier to find our wildlife than in their usually lush environment. With limited food and water supplies, the animals tend to congregate around permanent water sources. Thanks to this, our rangers can predict their movements and lead you to them even faster than during the summertime.

This combination of sunny skies and clear shots are the kind of thing that photographers' dreams are made of.

Lower temperatures also mean that many species forego their afternoon nap during the winter months, remaining active throughout the day. You, however, are welcome to cuddle up in comfort for a siesta between game drives if you so wish. Most visitors find that our swimming pools are still a welcome option in the winter time though.

Comfort Food

Evenings bring a smorgasbord of traditional and international eats to ward off the chill and our traditional African-inspired dishes will warm and nourish your soul. Our expert chefs have mastered the art of whipping up a hearty soup or stew to bring comfort to a cold winter's night.

Winter has a lot going for it in this part of the world and is a busy time of year at Thornybush Collection. If you want in on the action, start planning your 2018 South African safari now.


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Thursday, 23 May 2019