Hlokomela is a well-run, established project close to Hoedspruit, under the able management of Christine du Preez and her passionate team. The primary objective of Hlokomela is to take care of and treat farm workers with HIV/Aids and TB related illnesses while at the same time providing shelter to the children of these workers while their parents are being treated.

Hlokomela also runs a herb and vegetable garden that supplies fresh produce to their clinic and children’s crèche in addition to retail selling – all of which they do very successfully. The Thornybush Collection contributes funds to help sustain and grow their varying projects. In addition, we assist them with marketing their fresh produce and, where possible, try to influence our friends and suppliers to support Hlokomela.

As part of this marketing drive we frequently take our guests out to visit this project and encourage them to give material and/or financial support. Wherever possible the majority of The Thornybush Collection lodges buy nearly all of their fresh produce from Hlokomela and/or Thousand Herbs and Vegetable Garden.

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